Great Dane Puppies

fawn brindle great dane puppy litter

Fawn/Brindle litter whelped June 23, 2017.
Proud parents are GCH Von Charm’s Fate Intervened V Blacktie x Michaeldane Shebang In The Beginning.
Co breeders: Clay Rafferty, Michael Chiles, Charity Fulkerson Peech.

From the breeding or REGAL &  SATIN AND LACE:

Mantle female Great Dane puppy– Available

Mantle female Great Dane Puppy
Harlequin female Great Dane puppy– not available.
female Harlequin great dane puppy available

mdjb litter great dane puppies spring2017


Great Dane Puppies are Available!

Champion “REGALL” the Harlequin Great Dane stud– is a father!

regall harlequin great dane champion bow

CH Michaeldane JB Regall Warrior                                               
Official win photo from Rubber City KC. Thank you respected Judge Roger Gifford. “Regall” finished with only being out 6 weekends..
Michaeldane Dagon Radar JB x Maanpur’s Michaeldane JB Panda.
Bred by Michael Chiles, Jodie Keim, Sammy CheemaAbbie Bower.
Owned by Michael Chiles, Jodie Keim, George Schneider.

Here is Michaeldane Jb Satin And Lace with her Great Dane pups.  Mother looks content…

satin n lace - mantle black and harlequin great dane pups


Michaeldane Jb Satin And Lace


Mantle male pup#1

regal-mantle great dane puppy

Female mantle pup

regal-female mantle great dane puppy

Female Harlequin Pup

regal-female harlequin great dane puppy

Mantle male #2

regall-male mantle great dane puppy

Pet companion pups:

regall-pet great dane puppy -claimed

Mantle marked merle male Great Dane puppy!

regal-mantle-marked-merle great dane puppy

Harl headed female Great Dane puppy!




great dane champion - regal pedigree