Harlequin, Mantle, and Black Great Danes

MICHAELDANE/JAYBEE DANES  are AKC Breeders of Merit for HARLEQUIN, MANTLE and BLACK Great Danes– as well as all AKC approved colors for Great Danes. We strive to produce dogs with soundness, type, movement, temperament and personality.  

Here are some of the  MICHAELDANE/JAYBEE DANES– Mantle, Harlequin and Black Great Danes… all champions:


a champion mantle Great Dane Stud


rockymegabucks - champion mantle great dane stud

Owned by George Schneider.
Michaeldane JB Northpark The Leviticus Influence x
Michaeldane JB Sociable Charm

Michael Chiles with Jodie and Bud Keim developed a mutual feeling about breeding and exhibiting Great Danes. This led to joining together in a partnership as MICHAELDANE/JAYBEE DANES for the breeding and exhibiting of Great Danes.  Harlequin Great Dane breeders Michael and Bud specialize in Harlequins, Mantles, Blacks, and Blues and on occasion Fawn/Brindles… It has been a great relationship and has proven successful for more than 25 years! 


a champion Harlequin Great Dane Stud

levi - champion Harlequin great dane stud


BISS Sasdania’s CH The Prophecy x Michaeldane JB SMK for Victory




a champion Black Great Dane Stud

 morgan - champion black great dane stud
“Morgan” CH Michaeldane JB CDL Morgan Freeman, AOM
went SD at the Greater Cincinnati KC
under esteemed Judge Judith A. Brown
handled by Michael Chiles.
BISS GCH Treue’s Band Of Angels x Michaeldane JB CDL Whitney Houston.
Bred by Michael Chiles, Jodie Keim, Edna Taylor, Janette Marsee-Bruner.
Owned by Edna Taylor, Michael Chiles, Jodie Keim.
Learn more of the history of Mantle, Black, and Harlequin Great Dane breeders MICHAELDANE/JAYBEE DANES.